All Presas - Presa Canario / Dogo Canario

1 Male Brindle Puppy Available April 2017!

All Presas is not just an ordinary dog kennel. All Presas is your #1 source for the best Presa Canario blood lines in the Western Hemisphere. Our special breeding program which started over a year ago has been producing solid Presa Canario dogs meeting the Breed Standard set by the UKC and recognized by the UPPCC (United Perro de Presa Canario Club). With over 10 years of experience with the Presa Canario breed, All Presas is sure to produce some of the best Presa Canario dogs ever seen. We don't necessarily breed large Presa Canario dogs, or breed small Presa Canario dogs; All Presas breeds Presa Canario dogs that meet the breed standards set by the UKC. Our Presa Canarios are great dogs for pets, guard dogs, therapy dogs, K9 Police dogs, farm dogs, hunting dogs, etc... Presa Canario dogs are known for how smart they are. They can be trained to virtually do anything any other dog can do, and they can do it better!